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Automatic Paper Tube Making Machine

Apr 23, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Paper Tube Winding Machine

  • Paper Core Usage:Paper Tube Making Machine

  • Tube Machine Type:Bending Machine

  • Gumming Type:Single Side

  • Layers of Roll Paper:4

  • Reelpipe Speed:5-30/Min

  • Wall Thickness of Paper Tube:1 - 10 mm

  • Certification:CE

  • Condition:New

  • Specification:CE

  • Origin:China

Product Description

This automatic paper core making machine consist of three parts of splitting part,
Spiral winding part and precision cutting part, save cost and efficient.
Full automatic paper core making machine
Full automatic paper tube making machine
1. Cheaper price, high popularity, high performance.

2. Adopted PLC logic control system, man-machine interface.

3. Main motor is adopting vector type of high torque inverter for speed regulate.

4. Positioning length by photo electricity with Auto speed changing function, in order to meet high cutting precision.

5. Modularization electric layout designing for easy and scientific using, maintaining and repairing.

6. There is a remote controller for easy operating.(uses it to stop or slow down the machine when lacked paper )

7. Low noise driving designing

8. Adopted double size gluing and independent stainless steel gluing box, with polyurethane scraper.

1. SLT-SE Slitting machine
The function is split the raw paper into all kinds of slips before winding. The up and down cutting knives of this machine can self-lock, with automatic paper core shaft, bi-winding and stepless speed regulation.
Max width: 1600mm
Power: 15KW
Splitting width: >=25mm
Size: 2500*2500*1500mm

2. SL-M Spiral Paper Tube winding machine
This machine is improved based on the model of SL-M . The 4 wheels are main power drive wheels, especially suitable for rolling thick tube, special tube.
The 4 wheels rewinding ensure the strength Thickness: 0.5-10 mm
Diameter: 20-200 - mm (inner diameter)
Winding speed: 2000-11000 m / 8 hours
Power: 11 kw (stepless speed regulating motor): 1.5 kw
Operator: 2 people
3.SLQG-P Precision cutting machine      
Precision cutting machine is to precision cut paper tube according to length customer require
after the rough cutting of paper tube. The machine adopts pneumatic control. The  all steel adjustable
knife rest can freely control the length of paper tube, the same height of finished paper tube and no burr,
especially for r all kinds of air spinning tube and short tube.
Machine size is according to the customers' requirements.
Power:1.1 kw to 3 kw
Operator: 1 people

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