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Paper tubes with different characteristics, determine the different uses

Jan 17, 2017

1, high quality seamless paper tubes, paper tube surface is super smooth, seamless, dust-free, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and easy for secondary processing, particularly suitable for all types of thin, plastic film, metal foil, paper, EVA rubber membrane material high speed winding. 2, high strength, high glossy paper tube, seamless, no wave, high smoothness, high strength, high linearity, high roundness, high surface hardness, moisture-proof, dust-free and suitable for all kinds of high-grade plastic film, metal foil high speed winding of thin materials. 3, large diameter paper tubes, solid, suitable for stainless steel, colored steel plate, aluminum foil, copper tape, cardboard and construction industry, which is characterized by large load-bearing, low cost, energy-saving and environmental protection. 4, high strength tubular, high compressive strength, stable surface crack, widely used in paper, film and other big load at high speed winding and excellent cost performance.