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Simple description of the paper tube machine

Jan 17, 2017

Paper tube machine is the production of paper machines and equipment, the production of paper tubes used in various industries, chemical industrial pipe, used in the film industry tubes, tubes for use in the printing industry, paper industry tubes, tubes for use in the leather industry, food packaging tubes, tubes for use in the construction industry, exhibition industry, such as. Paper tube machine types vary, the most common paper tube machine spiral paper tube machine peace rolled paper tube machine. Seen from the paper tube machine works, the relay control circuit when the power is switched on, all relays in a circuit in a restricted State, that the attraction of a relay at the same time, should not be subject to certain conditions of attraction of a relay instead of absorbs, this way of working is known as parallel fashion. PLC user programs are executed in the order cycle, cyclical loop scans through all soft relay, all subject to the same conditions of relay action program scanning order is determined, this way of working is known as serial work.