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The development potential of paper through the paper tube machine

Jan 17, 2017

Paper tube has become so extensive, and our lives are inseparable. Paper Fireworks tubes, line inside a ball of paper tube, was also applied to the construction paper tubes, and so on. Due to the paper tube is widely used, and that alone, you can see the paper tube machine market is very wide. At present the classification of paper tubes, can be divided into, and tubes for use in pulp and paper industry, chemical industrial pipe, tube for the film industry, printing industry tubes, tubes for use in the leather industry, food packaging tubes, tubes for use in the construction industry, exhibition industry, such as. Paper tube machine types vary, the most common paper tube machine spiral paper tube machine peace pipe roll paper machine, filling equipment paper tube machine. Paper tube machine filling equipment is the core of production line equipment, filling equipment can quickly convert, has caused widespread concern in the business.