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Slitter Rewinder Failure And Maintenance

Jun 09, 2017

    A first winding roll defining a nip and a second winding roll through which the web is inserted and the web is fed through the nip; and at least one pair of maneuvering engaging members Winding the end of the core and transferring the rotational motion to the core during at least a portion of the winding cycle of the package.

    So that the engaging member and the first and second winding rolls are manufactured and arranged such that the package being formed is in contact with the first and second winding rolls, and further, a third winding roller is provided, The first and second winding rollers defining a coiling space, the third winding roller being movable to allow the winding of each package to be increased and completed within the winding space.Slitter Rewinder

    An important criterion for measuring good or bad quality after the production of toilet paper is to see if there is more paper powder and paper wool, and it is necessary to know how to improve the toilet paper rewinder to remove the toilet paper rewinder on the toilet paper processing business. The paper blade system consists of a knife and a knife.

    As the rewinder of the knife system is no driving force, but by the rotation of the paper roll driven knife cut the paper. Knife and paper contact and friction, it is easy to produce paper powder wool, and mixed in the product, the resulting quality problems by the customer complaints. In order to improve the quality of the product, it was decided to transform the longitudinal knife of the rewinder. Through the improvement of the knife can be achieved to eliminate the problem of paper wool.Slitter Rewinder


    1. toilet paper rewinder transmission equipment such as gear chain over time need to add butter.

    2. Rewinding machine is generally not a problem, consumable parts is nothing more than a pinion, if you add a knife is easy to break, wool roll with a year or so after the will be thinner, need to return to the factory renovation, Steel roll embossing device if you need to replace the embossed pattern, you need to roll back to the original steel can be modified, and can not spend much money.

    3. Note that the rewinder voltage to be stable, or easy to burn the motor; pay attention to health, do not let the debris fall between the steel roll and roll.Slitter Rewinder