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A Detailed Analysis Of The Parts Of Paper Tube Cutting Machine

Aug 14, 2017

     In the use of paper tube equipment, I believe that user friends will encounter some problems. What should we do to solve these problems when a device fails? So, let's look at the first problem, that is, the paper tube helix is uneven. In this case, we think that it can be considered from three different aspects. For example: 1, may be because the paper tube equipment cutting blade to the paper tube produced resistance too big; 2, when the lubricant is applied, the first layer of lubricant coating uneven, 3, the equipment belt tension is insufficient. Therefore, we can start from these points, look for specific reasons and deal with.Paper Tube Cutting Machine
     The second problem is that the surface of the produced paper tube product is not smooth enough. The reason for this problem, we think, is probably due to the paper tube equipment of the two-belt winding angle asymmetry, resulting in the equipment operation, the belt unilaterally pressure paper tube. At this time, we should take the treatment to promote, is based on the actual situation to adjust the handwheel properly. The third fault problem is the uneven distribution of paper-tube binders. Paper Tube Cutting Machine    
      For this problem, we believe that there are two reasons, namely: Paper tube equipment scraper and tape does not form a right angle; the scraper used in the equipment is not clean enough to contain sundries, so it leads to uneven coating. In this case, we should adjust the angle of the scraper and paper tape properly and clean the scraper in time.Paper Tube Cutting Machine
     The last fault problem is that the binder coating is unreasonable. In fact, whether it is too much or too little, it will have adverse effects. In view of this situation, we need to combine the actual situation, adjust the blade angle appropriately. In this way, the paper tube equipment can be kept in normal condition. The second important part of a paper tube machine is the gelatinize part. In different working situations, we can choose different gelatinize methods. For example, one-sided gelatinize, double-sided coating or glue-coated glue, etc. And we are more commonly used is the transfer of automatic coating, in which the thickness of the gelatinize can be a good adjustment through the scraper. In addition, the independent waxing machine can be used for the bottom paper waxing, it adopts the way of electric heating, and the specific temperature can be regulated.Paper Tube Cutting Machine
    The third important component of a paper tube machine is the forming part. In fact, the equipment is mainly used in high-strength steel pipe as a mold, we can through the handwheel and cylinder to adjust the tightness of its belt. And in the replacement of belts and molds, it is very convenient. In addition, the same equipment can be used to produce different internal diameter of the paper tube.Paper Tube Cutting Machine