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Analysis Of Several Forms Of Paper Tube Winding Machine

Jul 03, 2017

     Transformer winding machine is a kind of winding equipment, the selection of the appropriate winding machine is the key to the production line, winding machine as the basic equipment it has a lot of kinds. Below take the transformer winding machine as an example to explain. Transformer winding machine generally in accordance with the transformer voltage level or capacity to be divided, the common foil winding machine, automatic winding machine, vertical winding machine, ordinary CNC winding machine, and so on, the following to specific explanation.Paper Tube Winding Machine
     One, foil winding machine: foil winding machine also known as foil winding machine, mainly applicable to Transformers, amorphous transformers, related to the winding coil of electrical equipment, foil coil is based on different copper or aluminum carrier, with broadband-like insulating material for interlayer insulation, foil winding machine on the last complete winding, forming foil coil, foil coil shape can be rounded, rectangular and so on. Its structure and function more complex than ordinary winding confidential, tension control, photoelectric induction automatic rectification, automatic welding, pressure decontamination and other technologies, in the industry has been widely used. Second, automatic winding machine: the appearance of automatic winding machine greatly reduces the operator's winding strength, our common automatic winding machines are generally used CNC controller, high-end models using PLC and precision servo system to adapt to modern electrical needs, the current automatic winding machine speed more and more high, processing capacity is also improving, supporting the use of wire tensioning mechanism, so that the winding coil beautiful and neat. Three, vertical winding machine: for vertical winding machine everyone may not be very common, it belongs to the special equipment, in large transformers in the coil windings of the universal use of vertical winding machine, also has the low-pressure spiral coil also uses the vertical winding machine, its working principle and the processing scope and our common parallel winding machine completely different, at present the vertical winding machine further to the large-scale development, the load-bearing capacity also unceasingly enhances, causes the winding production to reach a new level. Four, ordinary      CNC winding machine: Ordinary CNC Winding machine is our common winding equipment, the line coverage of the series is relatively wide, there are small and medium-sized models also have major models, control systems are generally used single-chip circuit, because of low price, stable performance, easy maintenance and other characteristics, in the transformer manufacturers have been widely used.Paper Tube Winding Machine
     In our modern electrical coil production and processing of the use of wire winding machine are set mechanical, electrical, sensing, data centralized processing as one of the intelligent electrical equipment. Many common winding machine fault equipment can be judged by its own data processing and sensor, in order to ensure the efficient operation and control precision of the equipment, when the winding machine failure should be timely according to the fault code to troubleshoot the equipment.Paper Tube Winding Machine