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Anti-fouling Of Plastic Bag Making Machine

Oct 30, 2017

Paper-plastic composite bag-composite plastic woven bag is made of plastic woven bag (short cloth) as the base material, after the flow-casting composite (cloth/film composite for two, cloth/film/paper compound for the triple). They are mainly used in the packaging of fertilizers, synthetic materials, explosives, grain, salt, minerals and other powdered or granular solid materials and flexible items.Plastic Bag Making Machine

Soft packaging Bag-making machine is a feeding machine in the real period of powder (colloid or liquid) to the top of the hopper machine, non-woven bag making machine imported speed by the photoelectric positioning device control, the volume of sealing paper (or other packaging materials) through the Guide roller to the introduction of the lapel shaper, was folded and then by the vertical seal to lap into a cylindrical shape. Non-woven Bag machine material is automatically measured after filling into the bag made, the horizontal packer in the heat seal cutting at the same time the bag cylinder intermittently traction, and finally formed lap joint longitudinal seam three sealing flat bag, complete a bag of sealing.Plastic Bag Making Machine Reason: The film's anti-pollution heat sealing is bad, mainly is the resin used in the seal layer is unsuitable. Countermeasure: Adopt the film with good anti-pollution heat sealing. In general, LDPE has a medium resistance to pollution heat seal, Eva in the VA content is high when a good anti-pollution heat seal, LDPE also has a good anti-pollution heat sealing, ionic resins and metallocene polymers have excellent anti-pollution heat seal.Plastic Bag Making Machine

Through thermal insulation aging to promote the bonding hardening (aging, curing), improve composite film strength and heat resistance. According to the composition structure of composite film, heat sealing condition and so on, choose the best heat sealing conditions (temperature, time and pressure), or improve the heat sealing mode, heat seal immediately after cooling. Check the retention and preservation conditions of the Heat seal film, and pay special attention if the Heat seal layer uses the film of the old batch number and the heat-sealing film. Increase the thickness of the hot sealing layer film.Plastic Bag Making Machine

To change the type and grade of heat seal film, and to use an inner sealing film with anti-pollution heat sealing. Check that the grade of the binder meets the requirements (the exudation of the low molecular substance in the resin sometimes affects the composition of the binder). The Heat sealing layer (base material) is improved, the content of the MLLDPE is controlled and the film is used. Control the monomer content of MDI in the compound adhesive. Check how hot cover is handled. Replace the ink (preferably with two-liquid ink).Plastic Bag Making Machine