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Characteristics Of Paper Tube Machine

Aug 01, 2017

            Paper tube machine-paper tube machine features 1, automatic cutting automatic drop down, the lack of paper broken paper automatic stop function, 2, super your noise 65 db, 3, cutting automatic transmission automatic response; 4, Computer PLC control, with remote control port; 5, multi-point operation panel or digital remote control function, operation is very convenient; 6, round knife active cutting, more smooth incision, more stable performance; 7, 80 many function settings, arbitrary settings machine operation; 8, stainless steel plastic basin, poly-Press grease glue knife, High carbon steel rubber cutters; durable; 9. Automatic gluing.Paper Tube Machine

            More than 80 function settings, arbitrary settings of the operation of the machine intelligent CNC Unattended Automatic spray automatic cutting automatic drop tube infrared + host automatic transmission to make the length of the cutting tube more accurate (error 1-2mm) when cutting automatic synchronous transmission, automatic return with the head angle to adjust the digital display (optional) frequency conversion speed control than ordinary electromagnetic speed can be $number can increase the electric drying device broken paper * Break gum Automatic Stop protection (optional) ultra-low noise. <65 DB Stainless steel plastic box + poly-press glue knife, Durable single round knife active cutting, more smooth incision, more stable performance.Paper Tube Machine

             About the paper tube machinery factory staff's work content has many, then introduces below first is the paper-tube machine staff's work content is what? The first is to hand the paper machine to understand the products to be produced, help the paper machine hand together to find the required cardboard. The second is based on the paper machine produced cardboard size. Choose to stand on the ground, find a paper board to block out the cardboard, block of cardboard and split out of the front end parallel. The third is the sorting paper machine after the article to organize and tidy. The last is to clean the ground floor of the work site, keep the ground neat, rubbish into the garbage turnover box, from the pad stacking place.Paper Tube Machine