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Cleaning Essentials Of Paper Tube Processing Machine

Aug 14, 2017

    Mechanical Description: The mold adopts double locating clamp to fix, and the replacement is more convenient. Roll paper Head has two and four optional, logic control system, the host uses inverter operation. Touch screen, all the functions of the tentacle controllable, automatic memory, automatic storage, production operation All-digital operation, the production specifications of the volume input touch screen, production quantity monitoring, after completion of automatic shutdown. Cutting device with ball screw tracking servo synchronous movement, with servo motor drive, in the cutting action on the paper Tube Zero resistance, so that the production of the paper tube cracks evenly.Paper Tube Processing Machine
    Single-Garden knife cutting design, precise cutting position, paper tube incision is more flat no need to cut waste. Transmission part of the ultra quiet design, compact transmission structure, high efficiency, low maintenance. The use of double-sided plastic independent stainless steel groove, the production of paper tube strength is stronger than the traditional paper tube machine. Belt angle, machine angle all adopt motor control, swing angle just in touch screen set can, save traditional paper tube confidential mobile host trouble. Automatic alarm, fault prompt, easy maintenance.Paper Tube Processing Machine
    To the normal use of paper tube machinery, paper tube mechanical parts of the regular cleaning and maintenance is indispensable, paper tube mechanical parts cleaning methods. Scrub, the paper tube mechanical parts into a diesel, kerosene or other cleaning liquid container, with cotton swab or brush washing. This method is easy to operate, simple in equipment, but low in efficiency, and used for small and medium parts produced by single piece. Boil, the prepared solution and the cleaned parts together into a steel plate welding the appropriate size of the cleaning pool, in the lower part of the pool with heating stoves, the parts heated to 80-90 degrees Celsius boil.Paper Tube Processing Machine
    Spray Wash, will have a certain pressure and temperature of the cleaning liquid spray to the paper tube mechanical parts surface to remove grease, good cleaning effect, high production efficiency, but the equipment is complex, suitable for paper tube mechanical parts shape is not too complex, surface has serious grease cleaning. Vibration cleaning, will be cleaned paper tube machinery parts in the cleaning basket or cleaning machine, immersed in the cleaning fluid, through the washing machine to generate vibration to simulate the manual bleaching brush movements, and with the chemical action of cleaning fluid to achieve the purpose of removing oil. Ultrasonic cleaning, by the chemical action of cleaning fluid and the introduction of the ultrasonic oscillation in the cleaning solution to match, to achieve decontamination purposes.Paper Tube Processing Machine