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CNC Spiral Paper Tube Machine

Jul 11, 2017

               Paper tube Machinery contains paper tube-related spiral paper tube machine, flat-roll paper tube machine, tower type paper tube machine, fireworks dedicated paper tube machine, Paper barrel machine, paper rewinder and other related equipment, hundreds of sets, all over the country, widely used in textile, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, paper, agricultural film, fireworks, food packaging and other industries.Paper Tube Machine

               Numerical control spiral Paper tube machine-numerical control spiral paper tube Machine characteristic Description: 80 Many function settings, the arbitrary setting machine operation condition Intelligent numerical control unmanned automatic spraying automatic cutting automatically to automatically fall the Tube infrared + host automatic speed change causes the cutting tube length to be more accurate (error 1-2mm) The automatic synchronous transmission when cutting, automatic return with head angle adjustment digital display (optional) frequency conversion speed control than ordinary electromagnetic speed can be $number can increase the electric drying device broken paper * Break gum Automatic Stop protection (optional) ultra-low noise <65 DB stainless steel plastic box + poly Press Glue knife, durable single round knife active cutting, cut more flat, more stable performance.Paper Tube Machine

               The technical parameters of spiral paper tube machine are as follows: Reel diameter 20--200mm roll paper layer 3-16-layer coil speed 3-16 m/min paper wall 1-10mm transmission mode double umbrella wheel + Free telescopic lever control form Multi-point operation panel winding head two nose single belt operator 2-3 person gluing way full CNC automatic film axis fixed mode clamping + Flange type bidirectional lock cutting mode single round cutter synchronous automatic cutting fixed length infrared precision fixed length host Power 7.5KW Host speed ratio Wpo 1:30 Auxiliary power 0.75KW speed control Computer Inverter PLC host specifications 2600*1700*1600 power supply three-phase four-wire.Paper Tube Machine