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CNC Spiral Paper Tube Machine

Aug 13, 2017

            Conversion of paper tube machinery to energy saving of paper tube machinery SAJ Paper Tube Machinery Special Inverter features: Low frequency torque output 180%, low frequency operating characteristics, the output frequency of the maximum 600Hz, can control high-speed motor; a full range of detection and protection functions (overpressure, Undervoltage, overload) instantaneous power outages, acceleration, deceleration, stall prevention in the movement of the protection functions; automatic identification of motor dynamic parameters to ensure the stability and accuracy of the system, high speed downtime response; The output interface and the control mode, the universality is strong, uses the SMT entire pastes the production and the three paint processing craft, the product stability is high; The whole series uses the newest Siemens IGBT power device to ensure the high quality.Paper Tube Machine

          Paper Tube Machine More than 80 function settings, arbitrary settings of the operation of the machine intelligent CNC Unattended Automatic spray automatic cutting automatic drop tube infrared + host automatic transmission to make the length of the cutting tube more accurate (error 1-2mm) when cutting automatic synchronous transmission, automatic return with the head angle to adjust the digital display (optional) frequency conversion speed control than ordinary electromagnetic speed can be $number can increase the electric drying device broken paper * Break gum Automatic Stop protection (optional) ultra-low noise. <65 DB Stainless steel plastic box + poly-press glue knife, Durable single round knife active cutting, more smooth incision, more stable performance.Paper Tube Machine