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Composition And Working Principle Of Plastic Bag Making Machine

Jul 11, 2017

              Plastic bag making machine is used to make plastic bags, the composition of plastic bags is not only a material, it is also required to make a lot of raw materials, such as synthetic resin, fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, and so on, of which synthetic resin is the main ingredient, can account for about 40% to 100%. These different raw materials need to be made into final plastic bags, the most important step is the need to participate in plastic bag making machine.

              The plastic bag making machine is composed of many devices, including the storage device, the frequency conversion device, the whole bag device, the control device and so on. Each of the different devices in the production process of bag-making machine plays a role that can not be ignored. The main function of the storage device is to reserve a certain amount of raw material for the bag, and the stepping device needs to drive the material stored in the storage device. The use of frequency conversion device is to drive the hot sealing knife, the use of the whole bag device from its name can be seen, that is, the number of bags fixed and the whole bag, the control device is a general control system, it is responsible for the coordination of the entire process.Plastic Bag Making Machine

               Plastic bag-making machine has a frequency conversion device, this device is generally the Taiwan Tatsu M Series, this series of inverter has its own characteristics, can be in the automatic torque and slip time to compensate, and the voltage can also be stabilized. If the motor due to a certain reason, the operation is not very stable, will occur when the time to turn the situation, inverter can be very good protection of motor, increase the service life.Plastic Bag Making Machine

               Plastic bag machine is generally used in the dta4848r, this type of machine can be customized, so the temperature error can be controlled in a very small range, or even 0.1 degrees. Its main control methods are many, such as the opening of the release material, the storage of photoelectric control, you can control the motor movement, the storage of materials will be controlled within the scope of the need. If the stepper is stopped, this time the command will naturally lead to the corresponding cutting of the hot knife.Plastic Bag Making Machine