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Current Development Of Paper Tube Cutting Machine

Jul 03, 2017

     Paper tube machine, as the name suggests, is the production of paper tube machinery and equipment, the production of paper tubes used in various industries, chemical fiber industry pipe, thin film industrial pipe, printing industry pipe, paper industry pipe, leather industrial pipe, food packaging pipe, construction industry pipe, exhibition industry pipe and so on. Paper tube machine is also a variety of types, the most common paper tube machine is the spiral Paper tube machine peace roll Paper tube machine. Paper Tube Machine intelligent embodiment: With self-locking function, swinging arm angle adjustment can automatically lock without shaking. With automatic cutting device, cut neat without angle, cutting camp length optional adjustable. One to two people to operate. will be suitable for quantitative, wide tape, winding into the required diameter and wall thickness of the parallel spiral paper tube machine (type 38 is particularly suitable for small diameter, thin-walled thick paper tube). The use of three active stepless speed drive roller, belt does not slip, the core shaft deformation small, belt pressure, strong winding force, high power transmission efficiency, good paper tube strength, appearance formation.Paper Tube Cutting Machine
     At present, the beverage industry to the aseptic cold filling production line has reached a new level of concern, beverage production enterprises using aseptic cold filling equipment has become an inevitable trend. The investment cost of aseptic cold filling production line has always been the concern of the beverage industry, as equipment suppliers continue to reduce the cost of equipment, the current aseptic cold filling production line of paper tube machine investment costs have been reduced to the hot filling line of 1.5 ~ 1.6 times times, and domestic paper tube machine aseptic cold filling line suppliers have been maturing. Filling Equipment Paper Tube machine is the core of the production line equipment, the rapid conversion of filling equipment has aroused widespread concern of enterprises. Because when the production of different products or different bottle-type products, filling equipment will be due to the conversion of paper tube equipment lost valuable filling time, reduce production efficiency.Paper Tube Cutting Machine
     Nowadays, the paper tube machine, web slitter, cutting machine, paper tube machine equipment, the lead to the replacement of Japan, in this field to earn a large number of dollars. South-East Asia Dragons also follow Japan, in the packaging machinery equipment and production line manufacturing has a lot of performance; in the EC, Italy's packaging machinery and equipment and production lines to upgrade the pace of faster than other Member States.Paper Tube Cutting Machine