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Detailed Introduction Of Paper Tube Processing Machine

Jul 03, 2017

      The production process of a machine refers to the whole process of making a product from raw material (or semi-finished products). For machine production, including the transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, rough manufacturing, parts processing and heat treatment, product assembly, and commissioning, paint and packaging content. The content of production process is very extensive, modern enterprise uses the principle and method of system engineering to organize production and guide production, and the production process is regarded as a production system with input and output.Paper Tube Processing Machine
      In the production process, any change in the shape, size, location and nature of the object, so that it becomes a finished product or semi-finished products process is called process. It is the main part of the production process. Process can be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, assembly and other processes, mechanical manufacturing process is generally refers to the mechanical process of the parts and machinery assembly process of the total, other processes are called ancillary processes, such as transport, custody, power supply, equipment maintenance. The process is also made up of one or more sequential processes, one of which consists of several steps.Paper Tube Processing Machine
     The work step is in the processing surface invariable, the processing tool invariable, the cutting quantity invariable condition, passes the knife also calls the working stroke, is the processing tool in the processing surface processing a times completes the work step. In the process of making the machining process, it is necessary to determine the sequence of the workpiece through several processes and processes, and to list only the brief process of the name of the main process and its processing sequence, called the process route. The preparation of the route is the overall layout of the process, the main task is to select the surface of the processing methods, to determine the processing sequence of each surface, as well as the total number of processes in the process of how many. A certain principle must be followed in the preparation of the route.Paper Tube Processing Machine
     Production types are usually grouped into three categories: 1. Single-piece production: individual production of different structures and sizes of products, and rarely repeat. 2. Mass production: The same product is manufactured in batches in one year, and the manufacturing process has a certain repeatability. Mass production of Parts 3. Mass production: The number of manufacturing products is very large, most of the work site is often repeated a part of the process of one of the processes.