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High-tech Combination Of Paper Tube Winding Machine

Oct 30, 2017

is the development of new machines in recent years, in order to adapt to high efficiency, higher production requirements, automatic machine species are generally used in the long linkage design, the domestic manufacturers are mostly referring to Taiwan and other places of the import model design, the use of programmable controller as a device control core, with the manipulator Paper Tube Winding Machine

Pneumatic control components and execution accessories to complete automatic line, automatic foot-wrap, automatic cutting line, automatic loading and unloading skeleton, such as functions, the production efficiency of the machine is very high, greatly reducing the reliance on artificial, an operator can simultaneously look after several such equipment, production quality is relatively stable, very suitable for production requirements of high processing occasions.Paper Tube Winding Machine

However, this model is integrated with CNC, pneumatic, light control many of the new technology, so the price is tens of thousands of yuan high a hundred thousand of Yuan, the price also makes many users look and sigh, in addition, because of the functional requirements of the equipment used a large number of non-standard parts and custom parts, so once the failure of the relative maintenance process will be very complex , the cycle will be longer.Paper Tube Winding Machine

Semi-automatic winding machine is currently the most widely used models are also known as CNC automatic winding machine, the ability to automatically line, coupled with different mechanical structure can be completed by different requirements of the system with high efficiency, easy maintenance, cost-effective and many other advantages, domestic manufacturers generally adopt CNC controller, There are also some manufacturers using self-developed controller as the core control, CNC models have been a very mature machine, many manufacturers in the function and use of innovation and upgrades, the use of product series has been extended, as the most widely used models in the market, The price of the model than the automatic winding maneuver is tens of thousands of yuan price, a lot lower, according to the use of different thousands of to tens of thousands of prices, the disadvantage of the machine is that one must be equipped with an operator.Paper Tube Winding Machine

Is today's high-tech combination of products is currently the most advanced function of the most powerful models, high-end models can completely simulate the human platoon line movements, spindle and line are used high-precision servo motor, control system with a very high operational capacity of the PLC system, with automatic operation, automatic discrimination, error correction and other functions, Due to the use of closed-loop control.Paper Tube Winding Machine