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Hose Reel Operation

Jan 17, 2017

1. sending the machine to the power supply, machine screw and Rails parts lubricated. 2. According to the required thickness of paper tubes, paper a good amount of paper. 3 check that the rubber pool debris to prevent blockage of pipes and injection pump. (Such as glue needs heating, plastic pool heated in advance. Before heating, first check that the heating water is added to the appropriate location. ) 4. elastic rod with inspections for damage, according to the paper's position change silica. 5. According to the winding belt wear belts, check the cutting blades for damage. If damaged, replace. Inspect the inner core for any burrs, and polished in a timely manner. 6. under paper feed tube diameter adjustment of cutting height and, according to the paper tube length, length and photoelectric switch position.