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Introduction Of Technical Parameters Of Paper Tube Machine

Oct 11, 2017

Tube tuber equipment Contains paper tube-related spiral paper tube machine, flat roll paper tube machine, tower type paper tube machine, fireworks special paper tube machine, paper drum machine, paper rewinder and other related equipment Hundreds of sets, all over the country, widely used in textiles, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, paper, plastic sheeting, fireworks, food packaging and other industries.Paper Tube Machine Paper tube machine in accordance with the reel of the process can be divided into: spiral reel machine, flat paper tube machine, pagoda type paper tube machine. Paper tube machine according to different purposes can be divided into: pipe cutting machine, pipe machine, capping machine, fine cutting machine.Paper Tube Machine Paper tube machine in accordance with the degree of intelligence can be divided into: intelligent CNC spiral paper tube machine, program-controlled spiral paper tube machine.Paper Tube Machine

Using three active stepless speed drive roller, belt does not slip, mandrel deformation is small, belt pressure, winding force, power transmission efficiency, paper tube strength, the appearance of flat. Paper tube machine in the packaging industry application, at present, the beverage industry on the aseptic cold filling production line of concern to a new height, beverage production enterprises using sterile cold filling equipment has become an inevitable trend. The investment cost of the aseptic cold filling production line has been the concern of the beverage industry. As the equipment suppliers continue to reduce the cost of equipment, the investment cost of the aseptic cold filling line paper tube machine has been reduced to 1.5 ~ 1.6 times, and the domestic paper tube machine aseptic cold filling production line suppliers are also maturing up.Paper Tube Machine Filling equipment Paper tube machine is the core of the production line equipment, filling equipment can quickly change the cause of widespread concern. Because when the production of different products or different bottles of products, filling equipment will be due to conversion of paper tube equipment loss of valuable filling time, reduce production efficiency.Paper Tube Machine