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Operation Time Of Paper Tube Processing Machine

Oct 30, 2017

To raise the efficiency of cutting paper tube machine, many people feel that the efficiency of cutting paper tube machine only and cutting paper tube machine speed, in fact, slitting paper tube machine work efficiency and the following factors: slitting speed, yield, not run time, stability and so on. Cutting speed is a cutting machine efficiency is an important indicator, but if the low yield, not only will result in a low efficiency of the whole machine, and will cause the increase in costs.Paper Tube Processing Machine

If it is not run for a long time, such as: adjust the machine, to the knife, change knives, change material, connectors, change the volume, processing problems, such as time-consuming, simple to improve the speed of cutting paper tube machine, there is no sense.Paper Tube Processing Machine 

Cutting paper tube machine stability, not to mention, not only will affect the efficiency of cutting paper tube machine, but also affect the quality of products, will give the next procedure cause trouble and unnecessary waste.

In the process of slitting, the stable tension system is an important index to ensure the product quality, it controls the tension between unwinding, traction, slitting and rewinding, so that the cutting material is always in a steady state during the slitting process.Paper Tube Processing Machine 

If the tension is properly controlled, it can avoid the deformation and drift of raw materials during the process of machine speed and deceleration. Cutting paper tube Machine cutting the surface of the paper smooth and flat, not flanging, not raising, and can be in the effective range according to the length of your needs arbitrary adjustment. Widely used in printing, packaging, leather, home, hardware and other industries, particularly suitable for labels, non-woven, film, tape, such as plastic pipes or paper tubes. It has the advantages of no noise, simple and convenient operation, low cost and convenient transportation.Paper Tube Processing Machine

The machine can produce a variety of paper tube products, with automatic roll tube function, can be coiled spiral tube, degree tube, the volume tube uniform, fast, forming complete, processing specifications complete, high degree of automation can achieve semi-automatic and automated production. The machine production process is simple, energy saving, suitable for home and factory production, each unit can create output value 5~600 million yuan. Its paper tube products can be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, metal, metallurgy, plastics, paper, medicine, food, beverages, packaging and other industries.Paper Tube Processing Machine