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Paper Tube Cutting Machine

Aug 13, 2017

               The invention relates to a paper tube cutting machine, an output shaft of a speed regulating motor is arranged with a first clamping plate and a gas expansion shaft, and a double exit rod of a double rod cylinder is fixed to cut the cylinder bracket. The bracket is provided with a fixed shaft, and the fixed shaft is supported with a second clamping plate and a supporting shaft, and the second clamping plate is provided with an edge convex table for a long paper tube, and a long paper tube with a spring and a push plate is cut off from the mechanism. Double-Rod cylinder in the solenoid valve control switch under the control can achieve the support shaft and the second clamping plate of the propulsion and tighten the long paper tube, the second holder of the edge of the plate with the long paper tube after the joint with the spring energy storage, push the disc back shrink. Cutting cylinder in the solenoid valve control switch under the control can be pressure on the circular cutter, to be cut after finishing the round slice cutter with the cutting cylinder return. The position of the cutting cylinder on its bracket can be adjusted to change the width of the short paper tube. The invention has the advantages of simple and practical structure, good cutting efficiency and high quality.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

               Paper tube equipment to regular cleaning and maintenance, equipment Open box inspection, demolition, to remove the anti-rust agent and the internal residue of iron filings, rust and transportation, storage of dust and other debris, cleaning, can be assembled. Paper Tube Equipment lubrication. Equipment inside and outside the department of cleaning, before the refueling can be lubricated. The lubricating oil must be tested and confirmed before it can be used. The lubricating oil must be filtered before adding the equipment, the oil should be up to the specified position; all lubricating parts and oil holes shall be filled with lubricating oil. According to certain steps, the correct installation and maintenance of paper tube machine, high-quality CNC paper tube cutting machine, in order to make paper tube machine equipment to achieve the use of efficient and safe.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

               Color Touch screen humanized design, single-pole CNC paper tube cutting machine, easy to operate. Cutting time of cutting tube is only 0.5 seconds per knife. The circuit adopts Taiwan PLC programmable control performance stability. With automatic shutdown, automatic clamping, automatic counting, automatic stop function. Automatic operation of production, fault diagnosis and early warning, to avoid damage to the machine. Using servo system positioning, Taiwan high-precision ball screw transmission, CNC paper tube cutting machine, cutting resolution of less than 0.01mm

。Paper Tube Cutting Machine