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Paper Tube Cutting Machine Application Precautions And Maintenance

Sep 05, 2017

     What are the advantages of profile cutting machine? Profile cutting machine is suitable for sawing all kinds of special-shaped metal aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, non-metallic plastic and carbon fiber and other materials, especially applicable to aluminum doors and windows, photo frames, plastic steel, electric boards, aluminum extrusion, paper tubes and cutting profiles.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

     Hidden Saws-Low noise-high security. Pedal switch, automatic pressure material, sawn material. Use 12mm rubber block press material, not easy to damage. Can be single or more together saw section. The 800mm long feed board can improve the sawing accuracy. Automatic side of the injection, oil can be adjusted separately. The blades are more durable. The machine is machined by computer and has high sawing accuracy.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

     Paper tube slitting machine daily maintenance and maintenance to do five points: the electrical parts to regular cleaning and inspection, timely cleaning hidden dangers. Slitting Paper tube machine is the use of slitting machine, cutting machines to complete, therefore, the use of high-quality slitting knife and cross-cutting knife. Slitting machine Daily maintenance to be in place, its criterion is, smooth, clean, liquidation in place, to ensure that the equipment sliding parts in good condition. Is the maintenance work, to the rotation part to stop regular and the irregular inspection. The implementation of regular adjustment, regular change, commutator and do a careful record, to reach the purpose of prolonging the service life of equipment. Paper tube Machinery Factory should improve the operation of cutting machine technical quality and degree of control part of the operation to do, without the consent of anyone not to operate.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

    To adjust the tool before cutting, clamp the work. The parking baffle must be fixed, after the clamping, loosening, forward, backward and so on in order to work. When the paper tube machine is rotated, no part of the human body may touch the transmission parts. Operation, to tie the cuffs, prohibit wearing gloves work. The human head should deviate from the cutting direction. Paper Tube Cutting Machine

    When replacing the tool, measuring the workpiece, lubricating and cleaning the pipe head, it must stop. In the workpiece in and out of the direction of the person should not stand. When cutting the pipe head, to prevent the Tube head flying out wounding. The dust removal device of the cutting machine shall be in good condition before cutting. When the long material pipe is put into the material frame and the wire is loosened, the measures to prevent the pipe from rolling, impacting and wounding are taken. The use of grinding wheel cutting machine, should check the grinding wheel in advance without defect cracks, damp, the power line is reliable.Paper Tube Cutting Machine