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Paper Tube Cutting Machine Use Process Note

Aug 01, 2017

            Rui Cheng 600 cutting paper tube machine in the operation of the machine, please carefully read the manual, pay special attention to the following safety matters: 1, please put the cuffs of the clothes tight before work. 2, it is strictly prohibited to extend the head and hand into the rotating part of the paper tube. 3, the operation process can not wear gloves. 4, the surrounding environment of cutting paper tube machine should be clean, neat, light is suitable, nearby can not place other sundry, lest give operation all bring. 5, this equipment, especially the rotary part of the paper-cutting tube machine can be placed on the workpiece, tools and other things. 6, the maintenance must be before the source of power to avoid occurrence.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

             First, we should pay attention to the safety index of the paper cutter, and what protection measures are available to make the operators more safe. Second, pay attention to the paper cutter has a slip-knife running phenomenon, cutting accuracy to meet the required standards. Third, the choice of cutting edge angle, is also very important. The quality and effect of the cut are embodied in the cutting paper blade and the sharpening process. Four, to buy products with mechanical brake motor components, which can avoid the "slip knife" dangerous situation. Five, the paper cutting machine parts running stability, the overall quality, reliability of the performance. The sensitivity and flexibility of each button on the operating platform of the paper cutter, the noise size. The scope, time and timeliness of the after-sales service.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

           As printing, packaging machinery industry to deal with the late printing of paper cutting tools, CNC cutting machine, automatic paper cutter, electric paper cutting machine, program-controlled paper cutter, such as a variety of paper-cutting machine is widely used in printing and packaging industry and other fields. As the paper cutter belongs to the dangerous class of four types of dangerous machine tools, paper cutter in the use of the process must pay attention to the use of safety.Paper Tube Cutting Machine