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Paper Tube Machine

Aug 28, 2017

             Paper tube machine-paper tube machine features 1, automatic cutting automatic drop down, the lack of paper broken paper automatic stop function, 2, super your noise 65 db, 3, cutting automatic transmission automatic response; 4, Computer PLC control, with remote control port; 5, multi-point operation panel or digital remote control function, operation is very convenient; 6, round knife active cutting, more smooth incision, more stable performance; 7, 80 many function settings, arbitrary settings machine operation; 8, stainless steel plastic basin, poly-Press grease glue knife, High carbon steel rubber cutters; durable; 9. Automatic gluing.Paper Tube Machine

             The technical parameters of spiral paper tube machine are as follows: Reel diameter 20--200mm roll paper layer 3-16-layer coil speed 3-16 m/min paper wall 1-10mm transmission mode double umbrella wheel + Free telescopic lever control form Multi-point operation panel winding head two nose single belt operator 2-3 person gluing way full CNC automatic film axis fixed mode clamping + Flange type bidirectional lock cutting mode single round cutter synchronous automatic cutting fixed length infrared precision fixed length host Power 7.5KW Host speed ratio Wpo 1:30 Auxiliary power 0.75KW speed control Computer Inverter PLC host specifications 2600*1700*1600 power supply three-phase four-wire.

             Paper tube machine-paper tube machine staff safety rules:Paper Tube Machine

             1, the correct wearing of personal protective equipment. The dress must be worn and should not be worn. For example, the paper tube mechanical processing requires the female workers wear a hat, if not wear it may be twisted into the hair. At the same time require not to wear gloves, if worn, the paper tube machine rotating part of the gloves may be twisted into the hand, will be twisted. 2, paper tube machinery and equipment in the operation should also be in accordance with the provisions of security checks. Especially for fastening objects to see if the vibration and loose, in order to tighten. 3, before the operation to the paper tube machinery and equipment to carry out security checks, and to empty the operation of a bit, confirmed that the normal after the party can be put into operation. 4, the equipment is strictly prohibited to run with failure, must not make use of, in order to prevent accidents. 5, paper tube machinery and equipment in operation, is strictly prohibited to use the hand adjustment, nor can the hand to measure parts, or lubrication, cleaning debris and so on. If necessary, the mechanical equipment should be shut down first. 6, paper tube machinery and equipment used knives, fixtures and processing parts, etc. must be firmly installed, not loose. 7, the mechanical safety device must be used in accordance with the provisions of the correct, should not be removed from use. 8, paper tube machinery and equipment operation, the operator must not leave the job, in order to prevent problems when no one disposal. 9, after the work, should turn off the switch, the tool and workpiece from the work position to exit, and clean up the work site, the parts, fixtures, such as neatly placed, clean paper tube machinery and equipment hygiene.Paper Tube Machine