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Paper Tube Machine In The Packaging Application Industry Development

Jun 20, 2017

   Paper tube machine, as the name suggests, is the production of paper tube machinery and equipment, the production of paper tube used in various industries, chemical fiber industry pipe, film industry pipe, printing industry pipe, paper industry pipe, leather industry pipe, food Packaging with the tube, the construction industry with the tube, the exhibition industry, such as management. The type of paper tube machine is also varied, the most common paper tube machine is the spiral paper tube machine flat roll paper tube machine.Paper Tube Machine  Paper tube machine features: 1, automatic cutting automatic drop tube, paper out of paper automatic shutdown function 3, automatic automatic variable speed when cutting; 4, computer PLC control, with remote control port; 5, multi-point operation panel or digital remote control Function, the operation is very convenient; 6, round knife active cutting, the incision is more stable, more stable performance; 7, more than 80 function settings, arbitrarily set the machine running; 8, stainless steel pots, Carbon steel plastic knife. Durable; 9, automatic glue.Paper Tube Machine   Paper tube machine in the packaging industry application: At present, the beverage industry on the aseptic cold filling production line of concern to a new height, beverage production enterprises using sterile cold filling equipment has become an inevitable trend. The investment cost of the aseptic cold filling production line has been the concern of the beverage industry. As the equipment suppliers continue to reduce the cost of equipment, the investment cost of the aseptic cold filling line paper tube machine has been reduced to 1.5 ~ 1.6 times, and the domestic paper tube machine aseptic cold filling production line suppliers are also maturing up.Paper Tube Machine

    Filling equipment Paper tube machine is the core of the production line equipment, filling equipment can quickly change the cause of widespread concern. Because when the production of different products or different bottles of products, filling equipment will be converted due to paper tube equipment loss of valuable filling time, reduce production efficiency. Paper tube machine development of new developments in the world, thousands of things, the existence of anything is not static, China's paper tube machine industry is no exception, or progress, or backward, then how to improve the development of this industry? This has become a paper machine manufacturers are generally concerned about the issue.  Now, paper tube machine, web cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, paper tube machine equipment replacement far ahead of Japan, in this area earned a lot of dollars. Southeast Asia four dragons also follow the footsteps of Japan, in the packaging machinery and equipment and production lines have no small performance; in the EC, the Italian packaging machinery and equipment and production line replacement pace is far faster than other member countries.Paper Tube Machine