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Paper Tube Machine Preparation For What

Jan 17, 2017

1. prepare raw tape: cut into the required width of the tape base paper, paper tube diameter and width of the paper tape (endless belt) see the roll of duct tape width and angle of the calculation method. First paper should be same as the belt width or the width of 1.2 mm. Prepared within the scope of this paper. 2. at the bottom of paper coating lubricant: paper is at the bottom along a fixed mandrel cylindrical cutting head rotation. Because a fixed mandrel is fixed, tape the sliding surface of the mandrel rotation, in order to reduce the friction between them, are at the bottom of the paper tape and mandrel coated some lubricant between the contact surfaces. General lubricant is liquid paraffin, refined vegetable oils, silicone oils and so on. When lubricant coated over easy skid, adverse factors in the pipe. Due to the lubricant applied too little variety or lubricants not will result in tape cannot operate in a fixed mandrel. Paper tape into the speed with the speed of the drive belt is consistent, paper tape into the should always maintain the correct angle, which is a prerequisite to produce high quality paper.