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Paper Tube Machine Working Rules

Oct 19, 2017

Paper tube with adhesive commonly known as paper tube plastic, is the production of paper tubes, paper drums, paper cans and related paper products, a special adhesive. Various types of products depending on their use, are on the paper tube glue with special requirements. Especially in the production of polyester plant for high-speed spinning POY type and low-speed plus spinning DTY-type paper tube, the paper tube has a high enough compressive strength, hardness, toughness, water resistance, heat resistance and creep Degeneration and other good overall performance, and the above performance to a considerable extent depends on the performance of paper tube glue used.Paper Tube Machine

The traditional paper tube glue mainly gelatin, starch, polyvinyl alcohol adhesive and polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Which gelatin, starch adhesive due to low bonding strength, short shelf life has been basically not used; polyvinyl alcohol adhesive is the biggest drawback of poor water resistance, paper tube compressive strength with the storage time increased significantly decreased, although after the acetalization Can be partially improved, but still can not meet the requirements; polyvinyl acetate emulsion water resistance than the previous few are better, but the initial viscosity is low, bonding paper tube after the compressive strength and creep resistance is its main drawback The To this end, we have developed a comprehensive performance, self-crosslinking emulsion-type adhesive, and put into production and use, and achieved good results.Paper Tube Machine

First, polyvinyl alcohol, kaolin and most of the water are added to the reactor at the ratio, the agitator is started, the cooling water is passed through the condenser and the heated steam is passed into the jacket until the temperature in the kettle rises to 90 to 95C , The insulation dissolved 1 ~ 2h. Another part of the water, OP emulsifier, styrene, butyl acrylate, N-methylol acrylamide and initiator, such as pre-emulsification, spare.Paper Tube Machine