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Performance Analysis Of Paper Tube Machine

Sep 05, 2017

    Machine can produce a variety of paper tube products, with automatic roll tube function, can coil spiral tube, degree tube, its coil uniform, fast, forming complete, processing specifications complete, high degree of automation, can achieve semi-automatic and automated production. The machine production process is simple, energy saving, suitable for home and factory production, each unit can create output value 5~600 million yuan. Its paper tube products can be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, metal, metallurgy, plastics, paper, medicine, food, beverages, packaging and other industries.Paper Tube Machine

     In fact, it is precisely because of the characteristics of the paper tube machine inverter has the following features of paper-tube machinery to achieve energy-saving: Low frequency torque output 180%, low frequency operating characteristics of good. Maximum output frequency 600Hz, can control high-speed motor, rich and flexible input, output interface and control mode, universal. A full range of detection and protection functions (over pressure, undervoltage, overload) instantaneous power failure again start, high-speed shutdown response fast, acceleration, deceleration, stall prevention and other protection functions. Paper Tube Machine

     Motor dynamic parameter automatic recognition function, to ensure the stability and accuracy of the system, the use of SMT production and three paint processing technology, product stability high full range of the latest power devices to ensure high-quality, everyone look at things in different angles, but the small part here to say a word, No matter from which angle can only look at the surface of things, their internal structure is often the source of inspiration, chemical fiber paper tube machine automatic elbow machine is so, who would think of the biggest feature of inverter is to help save energy?Paper Tube Machine

    More than 80 function settings, arbitrary settings of the operation of the machine intelligent CNC Unattended Automatic spray automatic cutting automatic drop tube infrared + host automatic transmission to make the length of the cutting tube more accurate (error 1-2mm) when cutting automatic synchronous transmission, automatic return with the head angle adjustment digital display (optional) Variable frequency speed control is more than ordinary electromagnetic speed regulation can be $number can increase the electric drying device broken paper * Break gum Automatic Stop protection (optional) ultra-low noise. <65 DB Stainless steel plastic box + poly-press glue knife, durable single round knife active cutting, more smooth incision, more stable performance. Paper Tube Machine