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Plastic Bag Making Machine

Aug 28, 2017

               China's plastic bag making machine technical performance indicators to improve space: the relevant data show that the global packaging machinery demand is expected to grow at a rate of 5.3% a year. As our country accelerates the development of packaging science and technology, it can develop to economy, high efficiency and multi-function, and has higher requirement for bag making machine. As an important part of packaging machinery industry, bag making machine is developing rapidly in our country. Nowadays, plastic bag making machine is used more and more widely in the civil field, but with the implementation of our country's environmental protection policy, the plastic bag making machine encounters the bottleneck.Plastic Bag Making Machine

               China's bag-making machine market demand to increase the constraints on the development of many factors: China's bag-making machine with the foreign advanced countries there is a big gap. As demand grows, China still needs to introduce a large number of imported bag-making machines such as Japan. At home and abroad the most advanced fully automated packaging machine equipment competition, the most important is the efficiency of the equipment competition, that is, high-speed, high-performance characteristics of competition. However, due to the limitations of technology in China, many performance indicators are still relatively backward.Plastic Bag Making Machine

               In addition, China's bag-making machine industry structure is unreasonable, the industry concentrated in the labor-intensive products, technology-intensive products are obviously lagging behind the developed industrial countries, the decisive role of production factors gradually weakened, industrial energy consumption, low output rate, serious environmental pollution, the destruction of natural resources, is also a constraint on the sustainable development of.

               Plastic bag making machine future development trend: According to China's National economic development planning and the need to achieve a well-off living standards, in recent years, for packaging industry, food industry to provide 100 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan of plastic bag machine equipment, for "vegetable blue Son" to provide 80 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan plastic bag machine equipment, which for some enterprises is a good development opportunities.Plastic Bag Making Machine