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Plastic Bag Making Machine Control System

Aug 01, 2017

                With many varieties, high quality packaging bag increasing demand, customers on the bag-making machine control system has a higher demand, the original control system of the bag machine can not achieve constant tension, IPC system inconvenience maintenance and special process bag. Based on this, the company introduced the bag-making machine control system, the control system uses the speed module, the speed module and the electronic gear control mode, simultaneously loaded the Coriolis company tension Control special algorithm. Make bag machine really achieve high-speed constant tension, very good to meet a variety of different materials bag-making machine requirements. The system combines the characteristics of the industry in high temperature, high humidity, high rot, strong electromagnetic interference in the environment through the reliability verification.Plastic Bag Making Machine

                 Plastic Bag Making Machine System Advantage: 1, optimize the control mode. This system uses the speed module, the electronic gear module and the position module ingenious combination, achieves the real-time tension automatic computation, the automatic compensation, achieves the constant tension effect. 2, optimization process: process optimization, constant tension, constant line speed operation can meet the requirements of different materials bag. 3. Easy to Debug. Change the type of material, change the bag length, change the section fear, tensile membrane coefficient and tension coefficient do not need to change, adaptive effect is good, easy to debug. 4, fast response, tensile tension control, unwinding tension control and low-level interrupt processing are all in a motion controller, the operation is more timely, faster response. The "Color bag control" has the same effect as "white bag control" at high speed. 5, high precision temperature control, PLC 12-bit high-precision measurement temperature, using PID algorithm automatic temperature control, so that the temperature control accuracy of ± 0.5 degrees. 6, humanized control interface. The system uses Man-machine interface manipulation, all kinds of information in Chinese display and record the preservation of data. Implement process parameter storage. 7, stable and reliable. The tension control and digital input output control are integrated into a special motion controller, which makes the whole system more reliable and stable. Electrical maintenance Simple, basic maintenance-free. The maintenance of the fan and hard disk of the industrial control machine. 8, the system is easy to upgrade, the tension controller is compatible with the ladder-diagram language and the assembly language, users can modify their own procedures according to the process. 9, the process of confidentiality, the movement control with high efficiency and confidentiality, to play the advantage of customer technology to protect customer technical property rights. 10, efficient bottom-level information, easy to process management. The dynamic control has the Fieldbus function, which makes the network interconnection more convenient.Plastic Bag Making Machine