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Safety Operation Specification And Performance Of Paper Tube Winding Machine

Sep 14, 2017

    Safety Operating Procedures: Before work should check the power switch, brake switch is normal. In accordance with the provisions of the wearing of labor supplies, non-local personnel strictly prohibited operation. Before winding, check whether the collar skeleton, copper wire specification is in conformity with the production Plan notice sheet. The correct materials are picked up according to the job schedule. First of all, the skeleton into the winding machine, and pad good composite paper, and then wrap the enameled wire around the skeleton. The mold, the skeleton, the enameled wire are fixed to start winding.Paper Tube Winding Machine

    Press the switch winding to the rated number of laps, downtime, cut off the enameled wire, take off the coil around good, put the plastic head into the turnover box. It is forbidden to touch the winding machine by hand when winding. Do the "first three checks" and often self-test workpiece quality. Often self-test, do not "one around the end" operation found that screws loose and abnormal sound, should be immediately reported and timely maintenance. No unauthorized disassembly of equipment is strictly prohibited. When repairing the equipment, the power should be broken before it is carried out. It is strictly prohibited to carry out maintenance when the equipment is running.Paper Tube Winding Machine

    Always keep clean around the machine and work table. It is forbidden to stack processing parts at will, and sundries should not be placed on site. Close the power switch and clean the winding machine. Consciously insist on good equipment maintenance. The job site should be cleaned before work. Clean up the work site, the processing parts and the pieces to be processed neatly, keep the site tidy. Automatic magnetic wrapping machine is mainly applied to the magnetic Circle line processing, the magnetic ring circle processing, the magnetic loop inductance coil processing and so on, Zhongshan magnetic surround line processing factory.Paper Tube Winding Machine

    More common models, structural forms to be divided into horizontal and vertical, we are generally more common is the horizontal winding machine is used to bypass the transformer coil special equipment, the traditional transformer winding machine is a single artificial line of plastic models, modern models have automatic line lines series, transformers are large electrical parts Paper Tube Winding Machine

    So the structure of the winding machine is relatively large, weight also according to the level of winding machine from hundreds of kg to thousands of kg, because modern technology is constantly on the application of transformer winding machine, the new model function has become more powerful, the emergence of flexible preloading device instead of the traditional manual beating plastic cumbersome process, Makes the transformer winding process easier.Paper Tube Winding Machine