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Slitter Rewinder

Aug 28, 2017

                A few years ago, the Web-cutting Machine Interface (HMI) in the minds of the concept, but also just a serial connection through the PLC graphics display and operation terminal. If the PLC as a computer mainframe, HMI is its display and keyboard. But now, the human-machine interface project We are discussing has become more and more different from this concept. For example, Web cutting machine Control Panel, in addition to display and input, as well as database management, CIP4 bus communication, and further I/O and the function of motion control is also integrated in the inside. These functions, which are done by IPC in foreign countries, are called Paper cutter computers, and we are using the same embedded system as HMI, but strictly speaking, this is not a human-machine interface. We also have an HMI project, used on the roving machine. The foreign country also uses IPC to do, uses the software which the Dephi arranges, realizes the graphical display operation interface. These use our HMI to do is not difficult, difficult in advanced database management, he asked us to radically change the software architecture to meet customer requirements. There is also a new energy project, which we are prepared to write directly on Linux because of customer requirements for data acquisition, analytics, and database management.Slitter Rewinder

                So we feel that much of the time is not spent on human-machine interface technology, but other extended functions. Of course we follow the market, but where will the market run? Will the market need a single Man-machine interface in the future? Or do you want more extensions?Slitter Rewinder

                From the electronics industry's mobile phones, more and more of the functions of the Office, it has a lot of computer features, but his portability determines that it will replace the computer a lot of work. Then, the Man-machine interface is likely to develop in this direction, the centralized web slitter many of the control functions, toward the direction of the intelligent terminal, which is the ultimate development of human aircraft industry.Slitter Rewinder