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Slitter Rewinder Repair And Maintenance

Jul 11, 2017

                   In the aspect of the oil circuit, the lubrication of the rewinder is an important part of the equipment maintenance work. Keep the paper products mechanical oil road smooth, related to the entire machine moving parts lubrication. Must be done on a regular basis to replace oil and cleaning oil filter device, so that the flow into the pipeline does not contain impurities, to avoid partial circuit blockage. In particular, a unit support roller needle roller bearings, if there is no lubricating oil cooling, will make the bearing and roller shaft friction long-term, until found abnormal, the shaft and bearing inner ring has been glued. The lighter person replaces the inner ring;Slitter Rewinder

                   From the mechanical point of view, only the equipment operators to strengthen maintenance, so that the machinery of the machine parts to maintain clean lubrication, flexible operation, in order to give full play to the technical performance of equipment, keep the equipment intact. Used Heidelberg paper Products machine people know that Heidelberg multicolor paper machine inking rollers and water roller bearings and pressure-regulating worm seat is the most easy to wear, ink is particularly easy to accumulate in the bearing seat and its take-off and landing mechanism and the worm seat, especially the printing gold and silver ink unit, if not in time to clean up, long, metal particles will accelerate the bearing seat or worm seat wear. It takes several hours to remove the worn roller bearing seat from the wall. Because the bearing seat is fixed in the Take-off and landing mechanism, the space is very narrow, only a few centimeters of loose position, to rely on the reflector to find the two holes in the ring, remove the ring to reinstall the bearing block and take-off and landing mechanism is also time-consuming. The same is true of the water roller seat. Different multi-color offset press, pressure-regulating worm seat installation is also different: the fixed bolt of a fixed seat is fixedly locked from the outward machine wall (easy to disassemble), and the other is that the fixed bolt is locked out from the machine wall (most of the way), the space position is small, the loading and tear is difficult. If the machine personnel understand this point, peacetime maintenance, keep clean, the machine on the accumulation of ink in a timely manner, you do not need to change the bearing seat and worm seat frequently. This will not only reduce downtime, improve production efficiency, but also save spare parts replacement costs.Slitter Rewinder

                  In order to prevent paper products rubbing dirty, offset printing presses commonly used dusting. If the amount of dusting is too large, and can not be cleaned in time, it will also cause some problems, such as automatic lifting device failure, paper-absorbing reducer axle mechanism damage. It is worth mentioning is the Heidelberg offset printing machine suction reducer, if the axle and suction deceleration belt around the dusting can not be cleared in time, dusting and oil mixing to form sludge, long time sludge will be stuck in the suction reducer axle so that it can not turn. The gears in the deceleration mechanism are forced to peel or sweep the teeth in order to protect the motor that drives the deceleration axle. and the motor and the fountain system circuit, once the failure, the whole machine will stop. To troubleshoot a problem, you need to install a new gear. So, usually to clean these institutions, otherwise, the machine can only be printed thick-supporting role, if the printing paper, because the suction reducer does not work, will lead to the paperless mechanism paper phenomenon, reduce production efficiency.Slitter Rewinder