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Some Problems And Reasons Of Plastic Bag Making Machine

Sep 14, 2017

     Bag processing is the final process of plastic soft packaging production and processing, if the bag quality is not qualified or consumption is too high, then light is equal to the previous process of naught, heavy to the tourists to the claim for the enterprise's production and operation of a major impact. Bag Machine Hot seal does not completely cause the contents of leakage or deterioration how to do?Plastic Bag Making Machine

    Reason: The film's anti-pollution heat sealing is bad, mainly is the resin used in the seal layer is unsuitable. Countermeasure: Adopt the film with good anti-pollution heat sealing. In general, LDPE has a medium resistance to pollution heat seal, Eva in the VA content is high when a good anti-pollution heat seal, LDPE also has a good anti-pollution heat sealing, ionic resins and metallocene polymers have excellent anti-pollution heat seal. Bag Making machine sealing hair crisp and brittle break how to do?Plastic Bag Making Machine

     Reasons: The heat sealing temperature is too high, the pressure is too high, the heat sealing time is too long, the edge of the upper sealer is too sharp or the PTFE coated is damaged; Substrate due to the penetration of adhesives, toughness (impact resistance) has decreased, brittleness increased; plastic composite packaging bags after cooling and placement, thermal seal strength has increased, but also has become brittle trend.Plastic Bag Making Machine

    Countermeasures: According to the sealing characteristics of the material, select the appropriate processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time, to improve the surface of the upper heat sealing knife, so that the sealing surface is flat, the PTFE cloth coated intact; What about the warp after the heat seal? Reason: The thickness of the composite film is inconsistent, the heat sealing temperature is too high or the heat sealing time is too long; in the longitudinal heat sealing knife part, the running trajectory of the composite film is uneven, the cooling is not sufficient, the curing time is not enough, the surface substrate film has poor heat resistance, and the tension matching of the composite substrate is improperly controlled, which leads to the residual stress after the ripening and shaping. Especially when the composite film thickness is thinner, this kind of fault is more likely to occur.Plastic Bag Making Machine

    Countermeasures: Adjust the floating roll tension; The sealing base material with low thermal sealing is selected, the heat sealing temperature is adjusted to the suitable temperature, the full cooling is fully carried out, the surface substrate film is selected, the tension of each part of the compound processing equipment is adjusted, and the shrinkage ratio of the two kinds of composites is the same as possible.Plastic Bag Making Machine