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Spiral Paper Tube Machine Advantages

Jan 17, 2017

1, and spiral paper tube machine automatically Shang rubber; 2, and spiral paper tube machine automatically cutting automatically fell tube; 3, and spiral paper tube Super you noise < 65 DB; 4, and cutting Shi automatically speed automatically reply; 5, and with head angle regulation digital displayed device; 6, and more points operation panel or digital remote control function, spiral paper tube machine operation is convenient; 7, and spiral paper tube machine can increased electric drying device; 8, and frequency adjustable speed control than General electromagnetic adjustable speed can saving 30-60%; 9, and stainless steel rubber basin + poly by points machine is will a big volume paper, film , Non-woven, aluminum foil, mica and other thin materials cut into small volumes with different width of pre-press, post-press equipment, often used in paper making and printing and packaging machinery. 10, spiral paper tube machine more than more than 80 feature, set the machine functioning.