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Technical Application Of Slitter Rewinder

Sep 05, 2017

     Open the Electrical isolation switch (set in front of the electric control cabinet), press Emercencystopreset and Readytorun button, key to open machine to run (main platform) check voltage (380V), current is correct, stable. Open the hydraulic system power switch (set on the main hydraulic drive), check the main hydraulic drive system oil level and pressure gauge display is correct and stable. Open the pneumatic shut-off valve (set in the pneumatic control cabinet into the trachea), check whether the pressure is correct (not less than 6.0bar), stable.Slitter Rewinder

    Setting control: The type, thickness, length and width of the film arranged by the slitting plan are divided into the cutting menu. The corresponding Bopp membrane file is filed from the PDF. Set the volume length and width of the corresponding specification film. Select the corresponding rewinding position, adjust the pressure roller arm and pressure roller, install the corresponding specifications of the paper core.Slitter Rewinder

    Feeding: According to the requirements of the cutting plan, according to the operating procedures, in accordance with the actual situation, in the aging frame to hang the corresponding mother, according to the internal and external selection direction of the corona surface on the slitter rack, and the control button clamping steel core, leaving the steel core support arm and driving. Slitter Rewinder

     Wear film: When there is no film on the slitting machine, it is necessary to wear film. Using slitting machine to wear membrane device and function key, the original film at one end of the membrane chain ring on the eye, to start the piercing button, so that the film along the cutting process toward the flat distribution on the rollers.Slitter Rewinder

    Film: When the slitting machine has a film, the change of the coil connector, the use of vacuum membrane platform, the first to start the film to work position, manually divided into the first traction roller film to flatten and start the upper vacuum pump suction film, so that the film formation adsorption on the platform, affixed with double-sided tape and cut off the tape excess film, The membrane will be put on the shelves to flatten and start the lower vacuum pump to make the film flat adsorption, take the tape on the paper layer and the formation of adhesive film, the joint should be neat, wrinkle-free, and then turn off the upper and lower vacuum pump, will be opened to the film station not working position.Slitter Rewinder