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The Material Of The Plastic Bag Making Machine Is Introduced

Oct 11, 2017

Paper-plastic composite bag - composite plastic woven bag is made of plastic woven bag (referred to as cloth) as the substrate, made by the casting method of composite (cloth / film composite for the two-in-one, cloth / film / paper composite for the triple one). They are mainly used for packaging fertilizer, synthetic materials, explosives, food, salt, minerals and other powdery or granular solid materials and flexible items.Plastic Bag Making Machine

Bag processing is the plastic flexible packaging production and processing of the last process, if the quality of the bag is not qualified or excessive consumption, then the order is equal to the previous few processes come to naught, while the claims to the visitors to the enterprise's production and operation of a significant impact The Does the bag-making machine heat seal completely cause leakage or deterioration of the contents? Cause: The film is not suitable for the heat-resistant sealability of the film, mainly the resin used for the inner seal layer.Plastic Bag Making Machine

Countermeasures: the use of anti-pollution heat sealing film. In general, LDPE has a moderate anti-pollution heat sealing, EVA in the VA content of a large anti-pollution heat sealing, LDPE also has a good anti-pollution heat sealing, ionic resin and metallocene polymer Has excellent anti-pollution heat sealing.Plastic Bag Making Machine

By curing the aging of the adhesive to promote hardening (curing, curing), improve the composite film composite strength and heat resistance. According to the composition of the composite film structure, heat sealing conditions, etc. selected the best heat sealing conditions (temperature, time and pressure), or improve the heat sealing method, heat sealing immediately after the cooling. Check the shelf life and storage conditions of the heat seal film. If the heat seal layer is made of the old batch and the heat-sealed film, pay special attention.Plastic Bag Making Machine

Increase the thickness of the heat seal film. The type and the grade of the heat-sealable film are changed, and the inner seal film having the heat-resistant sealability is used. Check whether the grade of the adhesive meets the requirements (the exudation of low molecular substances in the resin, and sometimes the composition of the adhesive). Improve the heat sealing layer (substrate) heat sealing performance, control the content of smoothing agent, using mLLDPE film. Control the monomer content of MDI in the composite adhesive. Check the degree of heat sealing.Plastic Bag Making Machine