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The Operation Of The Paper Tube Winding Machine Is Important

Oct 11, 2017

Before working, check the power switch, brake switch is normal. According to regulations to wear labor insurance products, non-local personnel is strictly prohibited operation. Winding should be checked before the collar, copper specifications are consistent with the production plan notice. Properly use the material according to the job plan. First, the skeleton installed on the winding machine, and pad a good composite paper, and then wrapped around the enameled wire wrapped around the skeleton. Mold, skeleton, enameled wire fixed before they can start winding.Paper Tube Winding Machine

Press the switch wire to the rated number of turns, stop, cut enameled wire, remove the coil around, put the plastic head and then into the turnover box. It is forbidden to touch the winding machine by hand. Do a good job, "the first three seized" and often self-test work piece quality. Often self-test, do not "around the end" operation found when the screws loose and abnormal sound, should immediately report and timely maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the equipment. When servicing equipment, turn off the power before proceeding. It is forbidden to be charged for maintenance when the equipment is running.Paper Tube Winding Machine

The machine around the work surface should always be kept clean. Prohibit the free stacking of processing parts, job site shall not be placed debris. Work off the power switch, clean up the winding machine. Consciously adhere to the equipment maintenance. You should clean up your job before get off work. Clean up the work site, the workpiece and the parts to be processed neatly, keep the venue clean. The mechanical transmission part of the winding machine is arranged in the upper part of the bedside box, and the electric part is installed on the operation side of the bed box. Through the variable speed handle toggle double gear to achieve high spindle speed, low change. The winding machine adopts double speed control, mechanical speed control and variable frequency governor stepless speed regulation. Mechanical adjustment with variable speed handle three stalls: low speed, empty stalls, high speed; through the electronic reversible count set the number of laps, automatic parking.Paper Tube Winding Machine