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The Performance And History Of Paper Tube Cutting Machine

Sep 26, 2017

    Profile cutting machine is suitable for sawing all kinds of special-shaped metal aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, non-metallic plastic and carbon fiber and other materials, especially applicable to aluminum doors and windows, photo frames, plastic steel, electric boards, aluminum extrusion, paper tubes and cutting profiles. Today's little series for you to introduce the advantages of profile cutting machine: hidden saw blades. Low noise, high safety. Pedal switch, automatic press, saw.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

    The use of 12mm rubber block pressure material, not easily damaged. Can be single or more together saw section. 800mm Long feed path plate can improve sawing accuracy. Automatic side of the fuel injection, oil can be adjusted separately. The machine is machined by computer and has high precision of sawing.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

    Paper packaging containers, including cartons, cartons, paper cups, paper plates, paper tubes, paper barrels, pulp molding products. Overview of Corrugated box, color carton and other major paper products production equipment, the status quo and future, the development of China's paper packaging products manufacturing equipment strategy, the industry bigger and stronger, has an important significance.Paper Tube Cutting Machine

   Corrugated board production originated in the United States, the 1940s began to appear corrugated board automatic production line. , the 1968 Reims Company launched a width of 2.2m, speed up to 212m/min modern carton production line, at the same time introduced a molding, die-cutting, folding, gluing the combination of various types of equipment, thus began the carton machinery field of new technology of the great Pentium. Paper Tube Cutting Machine

   Into the the 1990s, the Carton (box) industry step into the computer and High-tech technology more widely used phase, the microprocessor and microelectronics digital technology not only used in carton (box) mechanical electrical control devices and the implementation of the mechanism, but also widely used in the entire production process control and regulation.Paper Tube Cutting Machine