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The Rectifying Control Of The Roll-paper Slitter Rewinder

Aug 13, 2017

              The control system of pneumatic liquid and photoelectric servo control of the common running bias control system is controlled by the DC servo motor of the roll paper slitting machine. The work principle of the two is the same, the difference is only the difference of the detection device. The former is a pneumatic detection device and gas, hydraulic servo valve, the latter is photoelectric detection device and DC servo motor. They have their own strengths.Slitter Rewinder

              The photoelectric detection device and the DC servo motor control system are adopted. The system has the characteristics of fast signal transmission, convenient feedback and easy installation of photoelectric detecting device, but the system is more complex. The control principle of the system is analyzed briefly below. The system consists of photoelectric detecting device, electric amplifier, DC servo motor and coiling machine. The photoelectric detection device is used to detect the transverse deviation and direction of the paper tape, which is composed of a power supply and a photoelectric tube receiver. Using the photoelectric tube as a bridge circuit, the output voltage signal is a deviation signal which reflects the deviation of the edge, and is fed into the amplifier. When the paper tape normal operation, half of the photoelectric tube receives the light, its resistance value is r1=a, adjusts the Resistance R2, the R3 makes the R1*R3=R2*R4, the bridge balance has no output. When the paper tape run biased, with the edge deviation detection device central location time of the light changes in the electrical tube received, the resistance value also changes, so that the bridge is out of balance, resulting in a deviation signal, this signal amplified amplifier after the input DC servo motor, DC servo motor obtains signal, forward or reverse, and then through the ball screw vice drive the ball screws on the side of the take-up part of the support to the direction of deviation tracking, when the tracking displacement and deviation of the displacement is equal, the error signal equals zero, the reel stops moving.Slitter Rewinder

              In the new equilibrium condition, the automatic rectification process is completed. In addition, the detection device is installed on the take-up part of the bracket, so that the detection device with the movement of the stent movement, the detection device after the completion of rectification, the detection device deviation signal into 0, thus forming automatic rectification control.Slitter Rewinder