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The Structure And Work Of The Slitter Rewinder

Oct 19, 2017

Press the EMERCENCYSTOPRESET and READYTORUN buttons, turn on the MACHINE to RUN (on the main console) to check the voltage (380V), and the current is correct and stable. Open the hydraulic system power switch (set on the main hydraulic drive frame), check the main hydraulic drive system oil level and pressure gauge display is correct and stable. Open the pneumatic shutoff valve (set in the pneumatic control cabinet under the intake pipe), check the air pressure is correct (not less than 6.0bar), stable.Slitter Rewinder

In accordance with the actual operating conditions, in accordance with the actual frame to lift the corresponding mother roll, according to the corona face inside and outside the choice of the direction of the slitter on the reel, and with the control button Clamping steel core, leaving the steel core support arm and driving. Wear film: when the slitter on the film, the need to wear film. Using the slitting machine to wear the film device and the function key, the original film ends in the end of the membrane chain, start the membrane button, so that the film along the cutting process to spread on the roller.Slitter Rewinder Film: When the slitter on the film, change the volume joints, the use of vacuum film Taiwan, the first film to start the working table, manually cut the first traction roller on the film flat and start the upper vacuum pump suction , The film is flat on the adsorption of the film in the film, paste the double-sided tape and cut off the tape under the excess membrane, the film will roll on the flat and start the lower part of the vacuum pump to smooth the film adsorption, Layer and smooth adhesive film, the joints should be neat, wrinkle-free, and then turn off the upper and lower vacuum pump, the film will open to the working position.Slitter Rewinder