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The Use And Characteristics Of Paper Tube Machine

Aug 21, 2019

Paper tube machine is the machine equipment for producing paper tube. The paper tube produced is used in various industries, chemical fiber industrial tube, film industrial tube, printing industry tube, paper industry tube, leather industry tube, food packaging tube. , pipes for the construction industry, tubes for the exhibition industry, etc.


1. Automatic cutting automatic drop tube, automatic paper stop function for paper out of paper;


2. Automatic speed change automatically when cutting;


3, computer PLC control with remote control port;


4, multi-point operation panel or digital remote control function, the operation is very convenient;


5. The circular knife is actively cut, the incision is more stable, and the performance is more stable;


6, more than 80 function settings, arbitrarily set the machine operation;


7, stainless steel plastic basin, poly grease knife, high carbon steel rubber knife. Durable;


8, automatic gluing.