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Two Head Paper Tube Machine Safety

Jan 17, 2017

1. warning users before using the machine, please be sure to read the instructions (in particular the considerations noted in the book), right after the boot method, before they can start operations. 2. when the machine is running, no hand in any of the moving parts of the machine (especially the belt). 3. machine environment should be clean, neat and light, and cannot be placed near other debris, so as not to cause inconvenience to the operator. 4. in the machine before starting, you must ensure that all moving parts of the machine screws and bolts tightened securely. 5. must cut off the power before maintenance. 6. regularly to the chain, gears, shafts and other necessary lubrication of the parts add oil, greases, ensure the safety and life of the equipment. 7. voltage, motors and parts with high-voltage terminal block and other parts not to contact, so as to avoid risk of electric shocks. 8. do not to touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise it will cause electric shock. 9. put the fuse, machine must be off. 10. using a separate ground wire, its length should be as short as possible as well. 11. the remaining notes, this is not one by one the narration, we explained in the manual.