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Use The Paper Tube When We Should Pay Attention To What Matters

Jan 17, 2017

To adjust the cutter before cutting and clamping of work. Parking bezel is fixed, after clamping, loosen, such as forward, backward after the sequential test, work can be carried out. When the machine turns, anywhere access to parts of the human body. When you do so, to tie cuff, wearing gloves is strictly prohibited. Spindle speed must be carried out after coming to a stop. Transmission gears to mesh completely. Find machine tool is not functioning correctly, they should immediately stop checking. Long pipe into the rack, and when you release the binding wire, should take measures to prevent the pipe roll, impact, crushing people. Check the dedusting devices shall be in good condition, before cutting. Using a grinding wheel cutting machine, the prior check the grinding crack defect-free, damp, power cables are reliable. Replacement of measurement artifacts, tools, lubrication, cleaning tube head, must stop.